Welcome to Kings Town Lahore- a stunning affordable residential estate in Lahore. This incredible housing project in the best location in the city has three and five Marla Residential Plots, as well as built houses that are entirely constructed and multi-category commercial plots.

The previous projects undertaken by Al-Kabir Developers, i.e., Kings Town is the latest project of the Al-Kabir developers, which is also Phase III of Al-Kabir Town. Recently after the massive success in Kings Town, the same developers have also launched Kings Town sector B. Also, a new payment scheme has been created for commercial plots in Sector B. The plan currently caters to three Marla commercial properties.

The validity of this development is guaranteed because it has been LDA certified, and the delivery of the project is assured in the time promised. This beautiful town has been carefully planned, considering the residents' comfort. The construction is currently underway, distributing plots and houses of high quality that have all the amenities to make a living feel peaceful and relaxing—the most accessible area within the city, with wide roads, well-maintained streets, and decent design. Al Kabir developers have launched this initiative to make it easier for their clients.

A Project of Al Kabir Developers:

Al Kabir town has accomplished its aim of delivering Phase I and II before the deadline. Phase III, dubbed Kings Town, is also shown on time, and the expansion of the Sector B area is moving along at a rapid pace.

The possibility of locating and securing premises, along with the security of authenticity, as a result of the work of famous developers, resulted in a satisfying chance to live a life for the most prestigious clients.

The developers behind these unparalleled housing projects in the city show their expertise in the real estate sector. They are fully aware of and have experience in the real estate industry. They are aware of what their clients would like and how they're planning to meet the needs of the potential clients. Their location, product, and end-to-end home-ownership experience offered by the Al-Kabir developers are among the most affordable property options available within the town. The engineers, architects and other employees are committed to creating and revising the residential infrastructure in Lahore.

Another highly-regarded project by the developer is Maryam Town, situated on the Main Raiwind Road in Lahore. Al Kabir developers are a company to reckon with as they strive to change the perception of real property in Pakistan. They want to be pioneers in this.

Kings Town Lahore Location:

Al Kabir Developers has launched Phase-III under the title of Kings Town Lahore, and recently, they launched Kings Town Sector B, located in the most prime area in Main Raiwind Road, Lahore.

  • The next one is Bahria Orchard Lahore, and close to the university of Superior
  • 3 minutes’ drive to Ring Road
  • 12 min drive From Allama Iqbal International Airport

Luckily, this land development is suitable for anyone who desires to live in the ultimate luxury living space for an affordable price.

Kings Town Lahore Accessibility:

Nowadays, people opt out of housing associations that are easily accessible and situated in the main areas in urban. Kings Town Lahore has taken the ball away because of its geographical location. It is located within proximity of Bahria Orchard as well as Maryam Town. Apart from that, the housing society comes to provide all essential amenities.

Al Kabir town is also located just a 2-minute drive from Raiwind City. Other important landmarks in the same region are:

  • Superior University
  • Al Kabir Town Phase 2
  • Dream Housing
  • Lake City

Launch Date Kings Town Raiwind Road:

It officially launched the top-of-the-line residential project on 1st November 2020. Developers announced the launch ceremony following the approval of the government.

Kings Town Sector B was inaugurated on 1st December 2021. Investors interested in investing can invest.

Kings Town Lahore Amenities:

The most important thing people want in any housing community is whether it is well-equipped with all the amenities of daily life. Kings Town Lahore is the leader in this area and has all these facilities.

  • The mosque is a place to offer prayers and other activities of the religion
  • Facilities and parks available for outdoor activities
  • Shopping malls for the necessities
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Gas, electricity and other conditions of everyday life

In addition to these house facilities, the housing association's location also accommodates the following leisure activities. For instance:

  • Grid station owned by the company
  • Restaurants
  • Golf courses
  • Community Park
  • Graveyard
  • Cinemas

Kings Town Housing Scheme Lahore – Features:

  • 100% LDA approval money investment transactions, trustworthiness and security from fraud is the primary concern of buyers. Kings’ Town developers are renowned for their credibility in real property. All of their projects are genuine and have documents from the development authorities in the City.
  • Affordable housing: During the bleak economic situation in the nation, Kings Town brings this final budget-friendly project that allows people to afford the land they want.
  • 3 - 5 Marla houses and plots: standard housing plan that covers all possibilities
  • Built to perfection, entirely constructed Marla home: Construction houses could also be available to help make things even better.
  • Broad car parking/CCTV surveillance
  • Affordable payment plan: A extremely versatile payment program is provided at Kings
  • 24/7 electricity: Water, gas, electricity, and water supply are available in this luxurious residential
  • The land is committed to recreation and the practices of the religion.
  • Commercial shops: In addition to commercial, residential shops are also found in off
  • Ghazali Public School: A well-known school is also in the area.